Pune Vidyarthi Griha's College of Science & Technology
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✨ Department of Life-long Learning and Extension ✨

DLLE is a department in our college which equips students with real-world skills to ensure overall development of their personality 🌟

DLLE is one of the most active department of our college which organises many interesting and fun activities throughout the year.


UDAAN is the biggest and most loved festival of Mumbai University wherein DLLE students get opportunities to showcase their talents in front of all the colleges affiliated with Mumbai University.

🎊 Elysium 🎊

Elysium is another Mumbai University level fest organised by DLLE which is exclusive for DLLE students only

In this fest, competitions like Elocution, Rangoli, Skit, Short story writing, Dance, Photography, Debate, Poster making, Craft making, Essay, Research presentation and many more competitions are organised to help students explore their creativity 🎨 and expand their knowledge 🧠.

DLLE believes that extracurricular activities hold equal importance as academics when it comes to overall development of an individuals personality.

So if you are honestly intrested in overall development of your personality then there’s no way you can miss this chance to join DLLE.

We invite you to join
the ambitious ✊, enthusiastic 👌and active 🤘 team of DLLE.

Click the link given below, fill in your details and we shall reach you with further instructions.


✨Team DLLE✨