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Tech vistara

The initial three-day fest has 9 Events including Logo Identification, Coding Competitions, and showcasing students’ diverse skills. Web Design became a canvas for creative expression. Tech-Vistara 2023 was a holistic celebration, uniting academia in a vibrant showcase of innovation and diversity. As the curtains fell, the memories created during this immersive experience promised a lasting impact on the academic journey, leaving participants inspired until the next Tech-Fest.


Experience the captivating displays and groundbreaking innovations showcased at our college’s recent Tech Fest exhibition! Featuring a diverse array of projects spanning robotics, artificial intelligence, sustainable technologies, and more, our students’ ingenuity truly shines through. Explore the boundless potential of tomorrow’s technology today, right here at our college’s Tech Fest exhibition


Event Debugging, held during our college’s Tech Vistara , was an engaging session aimed at troubleshooting  . Participants find error in a given code during  debugging session , identified common  errors, bugs  and mistakes in a code during the various rounds of debugging event. 

Web Development

Web Development, a highlight of Tech Vistara, showcased the art and science of crafting dynamic and interactive websites for our college platform. Participants delved into HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other essential tools, learning how to design and code responsive layouts while exploring the latest trends in web development.

Logo Identification

Logo Identification, a captivating segment of Tech Vistara, challenged participants’ visual acumen by testing their ability to recognize and associate logos relevant to  various   companies and organisations . Through this interactive event, students honed their branding knowledge and cultivated a deeper understanding of visual communication in digital contexts.

Startup Idea(Debate)

Startup Idea, a dynamic segment of Tech Vistara, ignited entrepreneurial spirits by encouraging students to pitch innovative concepts . Participants brainstormed, refined, and presented their visionary ideas, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within our academic community.

What's Your Problem?

What’s Your Problem?” was a thought-provoking event at Tech Vistara, where participants brainstormed and identified challenges faced by students. Through collaborative discussions and problem-solving sessions, students worked towards innovative solutions to enhance the problems occurring in various fields like latest technology, social education etc.


BGMI was an electrifying event at Tech Vistara, where students showcased their skills in the popular mobile game, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Participants engaged in thrilling battles, strategic maneuvers, and team collaborations, demonstrating their prowess in competitive gaming. The event provided an exciting platform for gamers to connect, compete, and celebrate the spirit of gaming within the college community

Bid Quiz

Bid Quiz, a riveting event at Tech Vistara, tested participants’ knowledge and wit through engaging quizzes tailored for the college website. With questions spanning various aspects of web development, technology trends, and digital innovation, Bid Quiz offered a platform for intellectual challenge and fun competition among students, fostering a vibrant learning environment within our college community.

Blind Typing

Blind Typing, a thrilling event at Tech Vistara, showcased participants’ mastery of keyboard skills without looking at the keys. Competitors demonstrated their speed and accuracy in typing various texts, . The event not only tested typing proficiency and highlighting the importance of keyboard fluency in today’s tech-driven world.

Certificate Distribution

Tech Vistara’s Certificate Distribution event honors participants’ achievements across diverse domains like web development,  debugging , bid quiz , startup idea, logo identification, and gaming etc. It celebrates their dedication and contributions, inspiring continued excellence within our college community.