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Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension

The Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension, established in 1978, is a statutory department of the University of Mumbai that provides flexible continuing education options to foster community interactions.

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Student Advisory

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Beach Cleaning

Members of DLLE participated in a Versova Beach . beach clean-up as volunteers. They gathered all of the debris, including plastic, and separated it into dustbins. In order to recycle the ganpatis near the seashore, the students also assisted the BMC by moving them in the direction of the crane.

Tree Plantation on the Occasion of Environmental Day

Every year on June 5th, the world observes World Environment Day to promote awareness of environmental challenges. On this day, planting trees is a wonderful approach to support sustainability by lowering air pollution, preventing soil erosion, and fostering biodiversity.



Rangoli Making Competition

Drawing Competition ( Draw your dream)

Drawing competitions encourage children to think outside the box, explore their creative potential, and come up with unique ideas and concepts. When children participate in such competitions, they are exposed to a diverse range of themes, topics, and challenges that challenge their imagination and creativity.

Cleanliness Drive on the occasion of Swatcha Bharat Abhiyan

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Chandrayaan Mission 3

Chandrayaan-3 marks a significant achievement in India’s space exploration journey. The mission represents our continued pursuit of scientific excellence, pushing boundaries in lunar exploration. It’s a celebration of innovation, dedication, and the relentless spirit of exploration that drives us forward into the mysteries of space.

Shukriya Bandhan on the Occasion of Rakha Bandhan

The occasion of Rakha Bandhan is a heartfelt initiative that honors the dedication and hard work of workers during Raksha Bandhan. It’s a gesture of gratitude, acknowledging their contributions to society and expressing appreciation by tying Rakhis, symbolizing a bond of respect and support. It’s a beautiful way to recognize their efforts and celebrate the spirit of unity and respect among all individuals, regardless of their roles in society.

Meditation and Vegitarian Rally

Meditation allows one to find inner peace and clarity by quieting the mind, while choosing a vegetarian lifestyle reflects a commitment to compassion, sustainability, and respect for all living beings.

Powai field visit

Mumbai’s serene sanctuary. Nestled amid city chaos, this tranquil oasis offers a serene escape. Surrounded by greenery, its waters reflect tranquility, inviting peaceful moments amidst urban rush.

Memorial lecture

Join us in commemorating the Late Dr. Kodarkar Memorial Lecture at Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s College of Science & Technology. Celebrating Dr. Kodarkar’s legacy, this event highlights environmental stewardship and sustainability. Explore insightful speeches, dignitary felicitations, and reflections on biodiversity conservation. Engage in fostering a greener tomorrow through collaborative efforts.

Poster making competition

This poster making competition was officially organized by Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal , Thane. To let know the importance of lake and to keep the lakes clean always. The theme of the competition was MY LAKE. Also there was two sub topics Biodiversity of lake, Beautification of lake.

Secret Santa

Discover the magic of giving and spreading warmth at the Secret Santa celebration hosted by the DLLE team at Marutha Harvest Mansion Girls Orphanage Society. Emphasizing inclusivity and kindness, personalized gifts, surprise elements, and community engagement, this event fosters bonds, gratitude, and a sense of belonging among the girls. Experience joy, kindness, and community spirit like never before!

Career Expo

The Career Expo at Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s College of Science & Technology was a vibrant event fostering student-professional connections and career exploration. Featuring interactive booths, student presentations, and networking sessions, the expo highlighted diverse career opportunities and emphasized essential skills for today’s workforce. Attendees gained valuable insights and mentorship, empowering them to make informed decisions about their academic and professional journeys.

Dog feeding

Discover our college’s compassionate effort to care for Pune’s street dogs. Through our recent feeding activity, we provided essential sustenance to 26 dogs using Parle-G biscuits. With a focus on community well-being, we observed improvements in dog health and interactions. Join us as we continue to nourish and support our furry friends, striving for a brighter future for Pune’s canine population

Udaan Fest

Discover creativity in action at SIES College of Commerce and Economics’ Udaan Fest! Hosted by the Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension, Udaan Fest is a dynamic celebration of student talent and social engagement. Join us for exciting competitions like Street Play, Creative Writing, and Poster Making, where students express themselves and spark conversations on important social issues. Experience the energy of Udaan Fest and be part of our journey towards holistic development and community enrichment!

First term training program

Welcome to Pune Vidgarthi Grihi’s College of Science & Technology, where learning transcends boundaries and community engagement thrives. Explore our vibrant academic environment, where the First Term Training Program exemplifies our commitment to lifelong learning, cultural diversity, and transformative leadership. Join us as we celebrate knowledge, honor leaders, and foster a spirit of unity and progress within our academic sphere.

Savitribai Phule Jayanti

Join us for the Savitri Bai Phule Seminar, hosted by DLLE and NSS, featuring enlightening presentations with the aid of a projector. Explore thought-provoking discussions from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on January 3, 2024, at Pune Vidhyarthi Griha’s College of Science and Technology


Dive into the dynamic world of student perspectives on COVID-19 through PVGCST’s essay contest. Explore captivating analyses ranging from public health to technology’s role in pandemic management. Witness innovative solutions and nuanced understandings shaping our response to global challenges. Join us in celebrating student intellect and fostering interdisciplinary dialogue.

Beach Cleaning

The beach cleaning event at Dadar Beach on February 18, 2024, from 7:30 to 10:00, aims to engage the local community in preserving the coastline. Volunteers will register online and receive safety gear for waste segregation. They’ll document the collected waste to assess the event’s impact. Promotion through social media and local channels will spread awareness. Post-event evaluation will help refine future initiatives, ensuring a cleaner and safer coastal environment.