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Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension


The Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension (D.L.L.E.) known earlier as Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension established on October 12 in the year 1978 and has been recognized as a statutory department of the University of Mumbai since 1994 to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the Universities and the community.
The DLLE offers flexible continuing education opportunities for the people.

Our Team (2022-23)

Teacher In charge of the Association

Mrs. Meena Patel

Mr. Sunil Yadav

Student Advisory

Sanjana Pradhan

Gaurav Dubey

Student Managers

Diksha Gamare

Khushi Singh

Sakshi Khatate

Shaikh Sufiya

International Yoga Day

On 21st  June 2022, The DLLE department of Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s College of  Science and Technology had conducted an  “International Yoga Day“. 


The DLLE Department of “Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s College of Science and Technology” had organised a Donation Camp from 04/07/2022 to 09/07/2022 in the College Campus.  The aim is to spread awareness that your social contribution (i.e. books, stationary, clothes, food, etc.) can give someone a better life. The objective of this is to provide awareness to Students about that the Charity begins with the inward recognition of a need to show compassion to others whether consciously or unconsciously.