Pune Vidyarthi Griha's College of Science & Technology
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Librarian’s Message

The library of PVG’S College of Science and Technology, Ghatkopar ( East) – 400077. Was established in 2008. The same year when the college came in to being . the library is located on the 1st floor of college building. Mr. Dhavde sir was the first librarian who served college library during june 2008 to june 2009.The library which started with an initial collection of few books has now grown up to a rich collection of 5000 + books . and national internantional periodicals. It also started Subscribing to E- library since2016.

Having   established a user friendly and conducive in the library , the present librarian Mr. Mahesh jadhav is managing  the library effectively rendering online & offline library service to cater to the needs of its students , teachers.

We believe that the college library is the gateway to knowledge ,provides a basic condition for lifelong Learning ,Independent decision – making and cultural development of the student and the teachers . Focusing upon the very important role of the library ,our college library has been growing steadily over the years.


Mahesh B. Jadhav

Library Assistant

PVG’S College Of Sci. & Tech.