Pune Vidyarthi Griha's College of Science & Technology
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Alumni: The Goal is clear…

To thoughtfully construct an alumni relations program that will benefit both alumni and the institution for years to come.

The purpose of this association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of our organization. Seeking to engage Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s College of Science & Technology is mutually beneficial, lifelong connection to each other, our batch, and the College, and encourage alumni support and guidance to advance PVG’s eminence for future generations.

Alumni Qualities:

  • The enthusiasm and willingness of individuals who are willing to take on the organizational initiative and sustain it.
  • The interest of alumni and their friends of the organization to participate in the association’s activities.


  • We work to develop viable avenues for successful activities that would support PVG’s vision to be a dynamic, inclusive and competitive centre for excellence.
  • The association strives to be an effective partner in the realization of the goals cherished by PVG’s College of Science & Technology and its former students.
  • Our main objective is To promote social and intellectual interaction between PVG’s College of Science & Technology and the Alumni and also within the Alumni.
  • We look forward to contribute to the growth of PVG’s College of Science & Technology by participating in development projects.
  • The Alumni Association achieves these objectives by staging an annual programme of events and reunions; through communications, by providing a range of discounts and services for alumni and other fund raising initiatives.

“A bank of useful information and tips” for the future alumni participants

  1. Support for the development and implementation of positive social initiatives organized by PVG’s alumni students.
  2. Organization and implementation of activities, events, projects, programs and initiatives to ensure consistency and to share the benefits and values gained during the experience.