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Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension


The Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension (D.L.L.E.) known earlier as Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension established on October 12 in the year 1978 and has been recognized as a statutory department of the University of Mumbai since 1994 to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the Universities and the community.
The DLLE offers flexible continuing education opportunities for the people.

Our Team (2020-21)

Teacher In charge of the Association

Mrs. Meena Patel

Miss. Sadhana Mishra

Student Managers

Mr.Kaushal Bhuwad

Miss.Shraddha Bhor

Miss.Shreeya Dige

♥ Tree Plantation 2020-2021

The event was conducted on  January 26 ,2021 by Hon. Mr. K.N. Shrikhande .  The aim of this program is to inform  students to save the endangered environment and to  beautify our life. Trees are valuable gifts of nature.

♥ Poster Making Competition 2020-2021

The event was conducted on March 25,2021 by Mrs. Meena Patel. The objective of this  Poster Making was to ignite the fire of imagination and creativity  in the students. The theme of this competition was ‘Save  Mother Earth’ or ‘Be the change you want to see’ or ‘Life in  Pandemic’.

♥ Women’s Day Celebration 2020-2021

The event was conducted on March 08,2021 by DLLE Team. The Celebration was indeed a great initiative by the DLLE Unit to confer love and gratitude for Women. It aimed at imparting the values like women empowerment and equality which bestowed the sense of appreciation and respect to their entire family.